Donating and Dating

A novel approach to incentivized fundraising

Donate & Date

Welcome to the Singles Project!

Love. Community. Solidarity.

Singles Project is a dating app whose monthly membership fee consists of making a donation to charity. You have to make a donation to join and you can make a donation to any charity that we have a partnership with. The minimum donation is $10, but you can donate as much as you like. All donations are tax deductible as permissible by law. We also have a volunteering function that allows you to get involved in your community.

We are very sincerely trying to appeal to the best in all of our members. By engaging in the heartfelt act of making a donation before joining our dating app, we are hoping that you will bring that goodwill with you when connecting with others and find a meaningful relationship based on mutual values.

By joining you will help make the world a little better and hopefully find your soulmate. Or you will help make the world a little better and simply make wonderful connections. Either way, you help make the world a little better!

Please also make sure to check out our volunteering function and get involved in your community while you’re at it!

Read more about our mission and philosophy in the About us section.


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