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Singles Project is a democratically owned and operated company registered as a cooperative in Stockholm, Sweden. Our subsidiary Singles Project Inc. is registered as a public benefit corporation in New York. We believe that change comes from breaking away from a “business as usual” mindset and creating a more diverse, aware, inclusive and sustainable economy. We have no external financing, meaning that our decisions aren't bound by outside calls for ever-growing profits or returns.

Everything we do is aimed at being transformative from the ground up – from the way we've structured our company, and made fundraising and getting involved a core part of our business, to the way we're trying to appeal to the best in people and instill confidence and goodwill in online interaction.

Mission statement and philosophy

Love. Community. Solidarity.

The world looks the way that it does at any given moment as a result of layers upon layers of collective decisions being made. For every decision that is made there are a number of different alternatives to choose among. Some of those alternatives are better than the others. They are more sustainable, equitable, inclusive, just, forward-thinking and so on.

The Singles Project is a genuine attempt at making the world a better place. We are a self-financed, employee-owned organization with a heart and soul. This means that for every decision we make, we are dedicated to finding the most sustainable, equitable, inclusive, just and forward-thinking alternative. If the current options aren’t good enough, we will do our best to work with others to try to find a better solution.

Whenever possible, we work with other cooperatives for services that we need as a company. If there aren’t any cooperatives providing these services, then we simply try to choose the next-best thing, such as a B-Corp. And so on and so on.

Naturally, our foremost goals are to help people connect based on shared values, while raising money for charity and getting our members involved in the community.

Beyond that, we practice democracy and distribute wealth and power, both internally and externally. We raise money for urgent problems that require immediate attention while highlighting solutions to systemic failures in our society. Raising money for homeless shelters while also fighting to end homelessness altogether. Raising money for devastating climate catastrophes while fighting to end the causes of our climate crisis.

Along the way, we hope to sow the seeds of love and solidarity.

Our broader, longer-term focus is on the democratization of the economy, thus also encouraging greater participation in society.

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